Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Hello Friends,

Just connecting with the universal unconditional love that surrounds us all, weather we know it or not and to send a message of being mindful of this, because when we are mindful of this we can allow this energy to help us live our life on a much deeper, meaningful journey experience with far greater ease, peace and tranquility.

A way to really tap into this energy is when we are cooking, buy really understanding that there is nothing to worry about and when cooking just enjoy the moment of peace and focus on what you are doing allowing the energy to flow and connect from you to the food and really letting go of any thoughts or emotion that you have from any previous experience or dealing in the day or day prior or whenever the incident may have occurred.

Do this and see the different affect you have on the food, the flavour, the presentation, the energy it gives you from the first mouthful.
We affect everything in our life buy the energy, emotion (energy in motion), thoughts that we have as these come from emotions, because of what we really are.

What we really are is an energy force (fact) and energy never dies it always changes and one energy effects another energy (fact). 

These are universal laws of physics.

So knowing this of what we are, how we affect things through our energies and how we affect our energy, why not choose the energy we would like so that we can affect things in the way that we choose to.

The good old proverb, you can not fight fire with becomes an inferno. these proverbs come from the experiences of life, that really transcend from the laws of physics.

I was talking to a gentlemen in our community at the Alumni I just go back from, about this very thing and the penny dropped for him. 
He said that explains why the food his wife cooks always tastes....well I won’t say how he described it....however, could taste a lot better and the reason for this (he went on to say) was because every time she has to cook, she actually hates doing it. 
So you can understand the energy that is going on, because hating is a pretty powerful energy/word and with such conviction, it will affect anything it comes in contact with...and if it is food in contact through your energy, then the food will be connected and affected.

So energy each and every moment when you cook and when you live as this will affect every moment and everything around you.

Live life with the energy of your choice to create the life you choose.


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